During the course of getting this site up and running, a few ideas crossed my mind. I know there are a bunch of other like minded people out there and there are also communities that cater for us but I was thinking of creating my own.
Propbably initially just allowing people to sign up to my website to see if there is an interest. I am also looking at creating some videos on my dedicated Techvee YouTube channel. I’m still pondering this and it’s one of those things I have been ponding for years now. Perhaps now is the time to do it since I have some time on my hands.
I’m curious, what do you think? If you’re reading this, thank you.
At the risk of attracting crazy spammers I will turn on comments and you can let me know your thoughts. Is there something you need help with but don’t have the budget. You can ask questions and I’ll answer them, perhaps even make a tutorial video if it helps.